Medical Icons
A set of medical icons made for a healthcare consultancy company. The challenge was to find a balance between line and flat icon.
Scatter App
Scatter is a localized scavenger hunt meets mission game that encourages social play between people, creating organic and exciting encounters and memorable experiences.
Carousel App
CAROUSEL is a flash card integrated visual dictionary application. Through Carousel, children 5 years and above can learn and understand a library of words outside their regular interactions and derive multiple contexts. For example, recycle + energy = wind energy, solar energy, sustainability, etc. By deriving multiple contexts and learning their meanings through images and videos, they develop their mindset and critical thinking abilities at an early age.
Mooch Museum
Mooch Museum of New York is a branding project for a fiction museum. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ museum brings you information about the history, styles and trendy moustaches and beards of the world. Visitors will enjoy a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions about moustaches and beards of all types across time periods.
Mindful Thinking
Mindful Thinking is a thesis addressing socioeconomic, political and environmental issues that we face in our lives now and how we should take a step towards change. Critical Thinking is an essential component in developing a problem-solving mindset and encouraging our younger generation in critical thinking initiates timely realization of real complex issues and ensures longevity of human race.
Illustration Collection
A collection of professional and personal illustrations until now
Sasken Premiere
Sasken Premiere is an HR Event held at Sasken Communications to introduce new talent to the company and its culture. The theme was designed around movies and showbiz to create a fun, colorful and engaging first impression.
Sasken Annual Report
This annual report won the Platinum Award at the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) Spotlight Global Communications Competition 2013 and placed #2 among 800 global entries. All the artwork was first hand drawn and later scanned and illustrated digitally.
Typography Posters
This Typography poster collection is a series created over a few years. It's a passionate mix of quotes, opinions, logos, and typographic treatments. Enjoy!
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